Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head

From The Christian Science Monitor:

How about this for a poll shocker: While everybody in US politics has been preoccupied with the Michigan primary, Ron Paul has sneaked up on President Obama and for the first time leads the incumbent in a head-to-head survey.

That’s right, leads – as in, ahead of, out front, winning, and so forth. According to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday, at the moment Representative Paul bests Mr. Obama in a head-to-head matchup by 43 to 41 percent.

The same poll has Mitt Romney tied with Obama, at 44 percent each. Rick Santorum is three points behind the president, according to Rasmussen, and Newt Gingrich is 10 points behind.

Wow. Paul is outperforming all the other GOP candidates, by this measure. His campaign is spinning this as evidence he’s the most electable of all.

“In order to win back the White House, Republicans must nominate a consistent candidate that offers something besides the status quo. Ron Paul is that candidate,” said national campaign chairman Jesse Benton in a statement on the Rasmussen results.

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6 Responses

  1. Justy another party hack! Vote the issues and person not the party. After all Bush gave us Iraq and took over 4000 young american lives.

  2. Head to Head I will vote for Dr.Ron Paul.. I beleive he would truly Knock Heads in the entrenched Washington Establishment Elite..
    But my choices in line would be Ginrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul.

    I would also like the Rep.Nomonee to select his complete Admin.Team going into the Nov Election so that the Electorate can see a viable opposing “Republican Administration” by puting all Rep Contenders into some important Administrative or Cabinet position..
    Such a Republican Team would Blow Obama off the Charts for good..

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