These Bills Need To Be Passed This Session!!!


BURN UP THE PHONE LINES – PLEASE SHARE: There is IMPORTANT BUSINESS that they’re going to leave unfinished unless we insist that they do their jobs. Please pick up the phone TODAY, call your STATE SENATOR AND YOUR STATE ASSEMBLY REP. Tell them that you expect them to do their jobs and get some important legislation passed before they end session.

The conservative members of the Senate Republican Caucus are disgusted with what’s going on surrounding AB 426. They don’t want ANY of the changes proposed by Senator Kedzie. They’ve introduced a twin to AB 426 that’s currently assigned LRB #4045. Call your senator and INSIST that this bill gets passed IMMEDIATELY! And keep the pressure on Kedzie and Schultz.

Issue #2: RAW MILK (SB 108)

Here’s another one where you can give Senator Schultz a piece of your mind. This bill, introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman, would restore important FOOD FREEDOMS to Wisconsinites, has been sitting in Senator Schultz’s committee for 6 MONTHS. Now he’s letting the bill’s worst enemy, the Wisconsin Dairy Association, tinker with it. You can bet the bill won’t be worth a dee-doodle once they get done. Call Senator Schultz and tell him to knock it off. Then call your own legislators and tell them that it’s time to get this bill PASSED and stop putting farmers in jail!

Issue #3: SMART GROWTH OPT-OUT (AB 303) 
Reps. Mary Williams and Scott Suder should see their bill pass THIS SESSION. It had a public hearing in the Senate yesterday. It NEEDS TO CLEAR COMMITTEE AND PASS to restore prerogative to local governments and land rights to individual citizens. Tell your legislators to STOP AGENDA 21 NOW…not five years from now when it’s too late.  The globalist groups are coming out in force to try and stop this bill.  THIS NEEDS TO BE PASSED!!!

Rep. David Craig and Senator Leah Vukmir have written two excellent bills that will enhance legislative awareness of Obamacare issues and prevent state agencies from acting on their own to comply with any aspect of Obamacare. AB 530 deals with state agency reporting to the legislature. AB 531 ensures that any aspect of Obamacare compliance must be placed before the legislature for consideration, NOT acted upon solely by state agencies.

Issue #5: WINDMILL SITING (SB 263)
Many people are now reporting health issues as a result of wind turbines in their area. Introduced by Frank Lasee, this bill would place a moratorium on the building of any further wind turbines until the health effects can be more closely studied. This also buys more time for property owners to figure out how to contend with the forces behind wind energy. The bill is stuck in committee. Tell your legislators you want it out of committee, passed, and on the governor’s desk PRONTO!

Issue #6: BABY BODY PARTS (AB 214)
Rep. André Jacque and guys like Steve Karlen and Matt Sande at Pro-Life Wisconsin have crafted an excellent bill to prevent the sale of baby body parts for ANY reason. If baby parts can be sold, they can be purposefully harvested. What kind of society are we if we let this possibility stand? Tell your legislators it’s time for Wisconsin to DO THE RIGHT THING.

32 Responses

  1. It is important to always know where the money comes from when “expert’s” give presentations. For example, what does it cost to give a “free” presentation to RRP, such as Dr. Soon’s. Who paid the airfare, expenses and his speaker fees? Do you think the speaker is influenced by who pays the bill? Who is paying to fly two people from Washington, rent a meeting room, paid their expenses and speaker fees. Not RRP, not those who attend, not the government, who then?

    It is good that those with more money cover these expenses so that we can all learn and evaluate the information. Why shouldn’t this person or group step forward and proudly say, “I provided this for the people”

    By the way in business our definition of an expert was anyone that came from 100 miles or greater. 🙂


    One thing about Raw Milk, it can kill you and your kids, but that leaves more room on earth for those that don’t pratice birth control.

    Milk pasteurization has been scientifically proven to be at least 90% effective in eliminating harmful bacteria in milk. While there are some few pathogens which are heat resistant, modern equipment is readily able to test and identify bacteria in milk being processed. Pasteurization is the only effective means of eliminating 90% or more of harmful organisms in milk

    Non-pasteurized, raw milk, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), was responsible for 86 reported food poisoning outbreaks between 1998 and 2008, resulting in 1,676 illnesses, 191 hospitalizations, and two deaths. Improperly handled raw milk is responsible for nearly three times more hospitalizations than any other foodborne disease outbreak.

    Diseases that pasteurization can prevent include tuberculosis, brucellosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and Q-fever; it also kills the harmful bacteria Salmonella, Listeria, Yersinia, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli 157 among others.

    [edit] Side-effects of pasteurization

    Fans of raw milk (meaning milk that hasn’t been pasteurized or homogenized) credit it with having more beneficial bacteria and enzymes than its processed counterpart. However, raw milk cannot be preserved for a long time and its disadvantages may exceed its benefits. In fact, raw milk is far more likely to contain harmful microbial contaminants, and pasteurization is the only effective way of killing most pathogen bacteria — which can include a.o., listeria, salmonella, and E. coli. On the other hand raw milk does contain antimicrobial properties which are destroyed with the heat of pasturization. along with many of the vitamins within the milk itself. Raw milk consumption has also been shown to positively influence the immune system’s resistance to the development of asthma, hay fever, and atopic sensitization, although the mechanism is not entirely understood.

    • Jerry…We have said this before. It is about freedom. People have the right to choose what they want to eat. Putting farmers in jail for selling raw milk is wrong. The small scale organic farms selling direct to the consumer are not the problem. Customers can make their own choice about the farm, farmer, etc..

      • Do you have the freedom to drink raw milk and, get sick and then spread illnesses like tuberculosis? Freedoms are contained by law when they impose on the rights of others. You know, things like DWI.

        Possible RRP should THINK before endosing bills that can harm not only a single person who made the choice but others who can also died from the choice, like speeding, DWI, mining without enviromental controls etc.

        I know you are a thinking group, but a group that seems to have problems knowing where the line is between freedom and the need for some laws.

      • On TB…More risk is posed by all the illegal immigrants coming into this country because of open borders than a few people drinking raw milk.

      • Really Jerry? What about the recent study that shows a clear link between pasturization and cancer? You say you are an advocate of freedom but would deny a person the right to choose the foods they eat?

        That is called hypocrisy .

      • RRP On TB…”More risk is posed by all the illegal immigrants coming into this country because of open borders than a few people drinking raw milk.”

        It is probably because they drink raw milk in their own county? 🙂 We do, however agee that raw milk can carry commutative dieases that can be spread from person to person. May I suggest you read the Letters to the Editor in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. There is one from a reformed raw milk drinker.

    • “according to the CDC…….” Might they be a little biased? Try a less propaganda filled website. So God and Moses the Israelites, and everyone else throughout history had it all wrong? What ever did people do before Louis Pasteur? The truth is that yes, raw milk from a factory farm is disease laden because it comes from sick cows. Don’t drink it raw because it is diseased. Pasture raised animals milked in a clean environment makes for clean, healthy milk, loaded with probiotics which make for healthy humans. Read up on the works of Dr Weston Price, who was chairman of the American Dental Association for 15 years, and a world renown medical researcher and tell me if you still feel the same. It isn’t the fact that its raw, it is the fact that factory made milk from factory cows makes it diseased. Read up on it Jerry, and I’m sure you will have a change in belief. There is no shame in being wrong, there is only shame in not changing false beliefs when you find out that you have been deceived. Join the fight brother!

      • What ever did people do before Louis Pasteur? They died or became very ill from raw milk.

        This is not about the cleanliness of the barn it is about diesases carried in the cows body and passed on in milk..

        However I do encourage you to drink raw milk, and find a way to identify diseases in the milk before it is sold.

      • Small farms know their animals and do not milk the ones that are sick.

      • As the CDC happens to be consistently non- biased and dedicated to providing studies that illustrate the scientific facts they are a credible source for medical research, like this. As for the raising of healthy cows there is no way to make sure that 90% of the cows milk is germ- free and then one must wonder what the “healthy environment” was kept healthy with- if it’s chemical cleaners, pesticides, insecticides and hormones than does that not defeat the purpose of having raw milk? Does this not lead to more problems than simply pasteurizing the milk. I fear that the solution is not allowing raw milk but rather changing the penalty for those who sell it,restricting the sale of raw milk, or testing raw milk more intensely.

      • I think it is an issue of freedom. If people want to go and get the raw milk directly from the farm, what is wrong with that? They understand the potential risks. It is no different that people at a party eating raw ground beef or sushi, or people choosing to smoke. Freedom is allowing people to make their own choices, even if you may not think they are a good idea.

  3. Issue #5: WINDMILL SITING (SB 263)
    Ever been in southren MN? The landscape is dotted with wind mills and the power companies and ATC want to increase your power rates to import this power via power lines that will span southern WI.

    Why is RRP in the power line business? MONEY?

    • Have you read the bill? This is about consumers. Many people have had windmills sited close to their homes and have endured the noise generated by the windmills. This bill will specify set-back requirements.

      • Also appliies in MN. I seen mills in farm yards. This bill is, like so many, sponsored by the realtor organization a BIG contributor to Walker.

        Why didn’t you answer the question: Why is RRP in the power line business?

        Is this a constitutional issue or are you pushing special interest groups legislation?

  4. My hat is off to Senators Dale Schultz(R), Robert Cowles(R) and Bob Jauch (D) who are trying to find a solution to allowing the mine and preserving Wisconsin environment. Without their vote there will be no change in Wisconsin mining laws.

    Why is RRP for destroying Wisconsin Enviroment by supporting the Fitzgerald’s mining bill and outside interest from Plam Beach Fl? MONEY$ ?

    • A year long approval process by the WI DNR is enough time to ensure the environment is protected. People in Ashland need and want the jobs. It is that simple.

      • Now RRP is in the mining business? Are mining engineers? Members of the local Native American tribe that lives down stream from the purposed mine?

        The bill as written by the mining company, privately own by an a person out of Palm Beach Fl CARES less about Wisconsin tribes and people.

        It seems like you, RRP, do not read newspapers like the Sunday Milwukee Journal/Sentinels Editorial page. The editorial “Senate should find the right balance on mining.” Don’t worry about the big words, just use your dictionary.

        There is no question that there will be a mine. The question is will there be an enviroment if the Fitzgerald’s have their way.

        By the way Sen Shultz(R) who is oppose to the bill as written favors the 1 year limit imposed by the bill, but with condition for extending the time if the parties agreed.

        Bottom line Wisconsin needs the jobs and needs to protect the enviroment.


    • Jerry, why do you buy into the idea of totally debunkt globalist Agenda 21 nonesense. The mine will be very safe and cover enough land in Wisconsin to not even be a rounding error as far as land use.
      It will then have to be returned to an environmentally friendly state once it is complete.

      Do you drive a car Jerry? If you do can you answer where the raw materials for your vehicle come from? Even if you ride a bicycle you are a hypocrite because bikes are made of alloys MINED FROM THE EARTH! Sure hope you walk everywhere you go.

      If you don’t, you loose all credibility in this debate.

      Typical contradiction of thought.

      • Linus you don’t read. The mine will happen the only question is with or without enviromental controls. According to today’s Milwaukee Journal the bill is dead. How long do you think it will take for the mining company to find that can comply for 1.5 billion dollars.The problem with RRP members the answers are always Yes or No never what is the best way to solve the problem.

        Oh I drive a car, on federal, state, county, city and township roads paid for by our taxes. Thank you Linus for help me with the cost.

        Linus, may I suggest that you starting drink raw milk. I hear it increases the IQ.

    • How are we supporting the destruction of the environment Jerry? Site one fact that supports that.

      Please tell me you do not drive a car. Tell us you do not use a can opener, tell us you use nothing made of steel, you use no fossil fuels.

      You do!? Extraordinary, You want to prohibit well regulated sensible use of our natural resources but want to participate in all the benefits.

      I suppose you believe in the completely erroneous idea of man made global warming.

      • I suppose, Linus, you believe that Dr. Soon, the mouth piece of the mining and oil industry is right?

        As always the answer is between and has to be found out by those with open minds or at least those that have minds.

      • You happen to be very rude in your one sided debates and it is very unappealing to your intelligence. Just saying, there is no need to be rude in a argument if you are confident that you will win, that’s unprofessional.

  5. It must be clear to ALL PEOPLE that the Federal Government has TAXED We-the-People entirely too much to the point that they now use Our own Money to Bribe & Extort our State Legislators to change or abrogate our State Laws in order to get Our Own Over-Taxed Money returned to this State.
    This is Criminality of the Worst Order.. The Federal Government have been Legally Robbing the TAX=PAYER at the State Level and using it to bring down the Soverenty of the Individual States..

    • No disagreement here, Eddie. What do you purpose? May I suggest we start with the next election, which may start with the recalls.

      By the way Eddie you never answered the question, Are you the famous photo journalist of Nam frame? Eddie took some very famous photo’s.

  6. The mining bill must be passed? Why to give away Wisconsin’s enviroment to enrich the private owner who resides in Plam Beach FL? To damage our water shed for perpetuity. To enrich the politicians like the Fitzgerald brothers who are so deep in the pockets of the mine owner that they have long since given up on representing the people of WI.

    The mine will happen! The only question is should you call your representative to say your in favor of destroying the enviroment or to say you favor of the mine and jobs but not destroying Wisconsin for the enrichment of those living in Plam Beach?

    This is not a consitutional issue. Why is RRP supporting this bill? Is the RRP selling out, like the Fitzgeralds, to big money?

    • A year long approval process by the WI DNR is enough time to ensure the environment is protected. People in Ashland need and want the jobs. It is that simple.

      • Read the Editorial “Senate should find the right balance on mining in the Sunday Journal Sentinel.”

    • Actually it is called common sense Jerry. You should turn in all products you currently own that are mined from the earth, If you don’t we can only assume you are a complete hypocrite. Do you own anything made from materials derived from iron ore?

      How about fossil fuels Jerry? Do you use materials/products made or supported by them?
      Everything is either touched or influenced by petroleum. Do you use those products?

      If you say no you will be consistent with your beliefs. If you do use them you loose ALL credibility.

      • From above, “The mine will happen! The only question is should you call your representative to say your in favor of destroying the enviroment or to say you favor of the mine and jobs but not destroying Wisconsin for the enrichment of those living in Plam Beach?”

        Linus, I worry about you. I didn’t say no mine I said protect the enviroment and mine.

        Back to the pumpkin patch with you

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