South Carolina, Ron Paul, and The Lincoln Myth

On the topic of Lincoln…as was mentioned in our last meeting, a good book to read is “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo.

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  1. That is a ridiculous statement Jerry, RRP KKK. Are you serious!? That is totally inappropriate and shameful. The KKK represent a depraved ideology that none of us would ever support.

    Those are the type of comments people make when they have lost the debate.

    • I apologize, RRP is much closer to the posse comitatus, but with a group of secert sugar daddies that pay for speakers and meetings to promote their agenda.

      Tell me again who paid for Dr. Soon expenses?

      • If you made a donation to our group, then you too helped bring him in.

        As far as posse comitatus…far from it. I understand you want to tie us in with a bunch of radicals to diminish what we say. We advocate a return to our founding principles that made this country great. State and local control in all the areas not listed in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution was the intention when our country was formed.

        Our goals are to educate the public and advocate for a return to these principles.

      • You ideals are pure, but it seems like there is a Judas goat in the lead. If you pooled all the local donations, you couldn’t buy a bus ticket for Dr. Soon who makes his money from coal and oil companies.

        Always, always question the where and why of outside money.

      • Jerry…The bottom line is that global climate change is a hoax. Seriously look deep down in your heart. You care about the environment as we all do. Reducing pollution is good for everyone. However, the solution is not what they are selling. Wisconsin used to be covered with glaciers. The Kettle Moraine was formed because of the glaciers. The glaciers disappeared on their own way before humans had anything to with it. Explanation? Global climate is complex and cyclical.

  2. RRP says, “Nice try Jerry…You have just lost all your credibility.”

    Who pays speaker fees for the wing nuts like Dr. Soon. Until sponsors are identified Crerdibility will be questioned.I will tell you who sponsors me if you will tell me who pays speaker fees.

  3. J.D. is exactly right. Of course we do not believe slavery should exist. The war was not needed to free the slaves. That would have happened just like it did in every society in Europe without going to war. Slavery was a tool used to create tension. The real goal was to break the back of state sovereignty. Everything the anti-federalists warned of leading up to ratifying the constitution can be found in Lincoln. Lincoln was a Statist and violated the constitution perhaps more than any president save FDR. It is no wonder the progressives of our day hold Lincoln in such high regard. Telling the truth about Lincoln does not make one a racist, it simply is telling the truth.

    Institutional government control education has deprived us of much of our true history.

  4. The message here is that the constitution is the ultimate roadmap to what the Federal government can and cannot do. And as such, allows the sovereignty of the individual states to decide if and when the Federal government has abused that power. If and when the individual state(s) decide that the relationship has become abusive they have the right to terminate their agreement with said government and go their own way. This is what the War for Southern Independence was all about, despite what you were taught in school. There never was a Civil War. By definition a civil war is: two or more factions fighting for control of a central government. The South had no desire to have anything to do with the northern federal government, let alone control it. They simply wanted to invoke their rights and withdraw from the union and form their own style of constitutional government.

  5. What is the message? We should still have slavery? This is stupid it remainds me of something the Koch Kone Kommandoes would publish

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