An Open Letter To Our Absent AG Van Hollen

This follow is a letter from one of our members, sent on December 21st,  to the absent Wisconsin AG Van Hollen:

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen,

I am a disgruntled supporter. Today I received a letter from your campaign staff requesting a contribution. I have voted for and supported you in the past. Over the course of this tumultuous year I have inquired from time to time why I have not seen nor heard of you commenting on some of the more obscene activities of those opposing Gov. Walker, especially the attacks on legislators, the death threats etc. The Dane County judicial system  is incredibly biased. Why have you not expressed at least some level of concern?

I am a member of the Rock River Patriots. Questions about your whereabouts have become more commonplace. Members who regularly conduct business at the Capitol indicate they are unaware of your  role or level of support.

The last two days, Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner have begun to refer to you as an “empty suit.” Your silence has become noticeable. Please tell me why you deserve support and contributions.

 Thanks for listening.

 Larry Cole

2 Responses

  1. I hope not…..

  2. He wants to be Gov.?

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