From Pat Buchanan’s Blog: Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul

Here is some very interesting analysis about entangling alliances by Pat Buchanan…and contains information about two of the neocons running for president.

Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul

By Patrick J. Buchanan

In August 2008, as the world’s leaders gathered in Beijing for the Olympic games, Georgian President , hot-headed and erratic, made his gamble for greatness.

It began with a stunning artillery barrage on Tskhinvali, capital of tiny South Ossetia, a province that had broken free of Tbilisi when Tbilisi broke free of . As Ossetians and Russian peacekeepers fell under the Georgian guns, terrified Ossetians fled into .

Saakashvili’s blitzkrieg appeared to have triumphed.

Until, that is, Russian armor, on ’s orders, came thundering down the Roki Tunnel into Ossetia, sending Saakashvili’s army reeling. The Georgians were driven out of Ossetia and expelled from a second province that had broken free of Tbilisi: Abkhazia.

The Russians then proceeded to bomb Tbilisi, capture Gori, birthplace of Joseph Stalin, and bomb Georgian airfields rumored to be the forward bases for the Israelis in any pre-emptive strike on .

The humiliation of Saakashvili was total, and brought an enraged and frustrated running to the microphones.

“Today, we’re all Georgians,” bawled McCain.

Well, not exactly.

President Bush called Putin’s response “disproportionate” and “brutal,” but did nothing. Small nations that sucker-punch big powers do not get to dictate when the fisticuffs stop.

What made this of interest to Americans, however, was that Bush had long sought to bring Georgia into . Only the resistance of Old Europe had prevented it.

And had Georgia been a member of when Saakashvili began his , U.S. Marines and Special Forces might have been on the way to the Caucasus to confront Russian troops in a part of the world where there is no vital U.S. interest and never has been any U.S. strategic interest whatsoever.

A U.S with — over Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia — would have been an act of national criminal insanity.

Days later, there came another startling discovery.

McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann had been paid $290,000 by the Saakashvili regime, from January 2007 to March 2008, to get Georgia into , and thus acquire a priceless U.S. guarantee to fight on Georgia’s side in any clash with .

What makes this history relevant today?

Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio, rising star of the Republican right, on everyone’s short list for VP, called for a unanimous vote, without debate, on a resolution directing President Obama to accept Georgia’s plan for membership in at the upcoming summit in Chicago.

Rubio was pushing to have the U.S. Senate pressure Obama into fast-tracking Georgia into , making Tbilisi an ally the United States would be obligated by treaty to go to to defend.

Now it is impossible to believe a senator, not a year in office, dreamed this up himself. Some foreign agent of Scheunemann’s ilk had to have had a role in drafting it.

And for whose benefit is Rubio pushing to have his own countrymen committed to fight for a Georgia that, three years ago, started an unprovoked war with ? Who cooked up this scheme to involve Americans in future wars in the Caucasus that are none of our business?

The answer is unknown. What is known is the name of the senator who blocked it — , son of Ron Paul, who alone stepped in and objected, defeating Rubio’s effort to get a unanimous vote.

The resolution was pulled. But these people will be back. They are indefatigable when it comes to finding ways to commit the blood of U.S. soldiers to their client regimes and ideological bedfellows.

Back in 2008, however, as Bush was confining himself to protesting the excesses of ’s response, his ex-U.N. ambassador was full of righteous rage and ready for military action.

In the London Telegraph, Aug. 15, 2008, John Bolton declared that Russia had conducted an “invasion,” that Georgia had been a “victim of aggression,” that America had “fiddled while Georgia burned,” that we had played the “paper tiger”when faced by the snarling Russian Bear.

As for the European Union, in bringing about a ceasefire, it had achieved results “approaching Neville Chamberlain’s moment in the spotlight at Munich.”

But did not Georgia launch the attack that started the war?

“This confrontation is not about who violated the Marquis of Queensbury’s rule in South Ossetia,” scoffed Bolton. Russia planned this “rape” because brave little Georgia refused to be “Finlandized.”

Restoring America’s credibility, said Bolton, now requires “drawing a clear line for Russia” in the Caucasus and elsewhere.

And who is John Bolton?

told two groups Wednesday he intends to name Bolton secretary of state.

With Newt appointing as America’s first diplomat an uber-hawk who makes Dick Cheney look like Gandhi, and Mitt Romney’s foreign policy team crawling with neocons primed for war with , a vote for the GOP in 2012 looks more and more like a vote for war.

Like the Bourbons of old, the Republican Party seems to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.


11 Responses


    When Obama signed the NDAA Bill on New Years eve while you were partying…America’s U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were DESTROYED FOREVER.

    If YOU or your MINISTRY is truly from God then you and your flock had better prepare for literal—HELL ON EARTH in the coming months.

    My REVELATIONS OF TRUTH website will provide all the information you need to prove Satan is using Obama and our government to DESTROY this once great nation of ours.

    The Patriot Act destroyed half of our Constitution and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) finished the job on New Years Eve! Here’s some of what its designers, Levin and McCain concocted in this fascist law…

    “Snatch and Grab” means YOU and your loved one’s can be snatched off the street by the government anytime it wants you or your loved ones.
    “Beastiality” It’s now legal for American troops to have SEX WITH ANIMALS!
    Christian’s, Veterans and the elderly are now targeted for these fascist death camps.
    NAZI GERMANY has now come to America!
    American citizens are now paid a BOUNTY by law enforcement for SQUEALING on their NEIGHBORS for having GUNS.

    First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
    Americans are more concerned about material and sexual pleasure than standing up for their precious freedoms! The “LUKEWARM CHURCH” is ushering in our “END TIMES.” Their rewards will be here on earth and after he or she draws their last breath they will end up in the “PITS OF HELL!”
    Did you know if your ministry is a 501 Corporation the government has every right to take over your ministry? Did you know some preachers are being paid by the government to help bring in MARTIAL LAW when the president declares it? The “DOGS OF WAR” are now on the run!
    Did you know the “INTERNET—KILL—SWITCH” is now in place? It won’t be long before “TRUTH REVEALERS” like myself will be silenced forever…
    Instead of preaching the “PROSPERITY GOSPEL” real preachers should be sounding the “ALARM” before IT’S TO LATE…
    Inside sources have revealed the U.S. Dollar with be devalued by 40% by the end of the year through INFLATION! Also revealed is the fact the the U.S. DOLLAR will be completely DESTROYED by the end of the year.
    Also revealed is a good chance there will be WAR between IRAN–AMERICA—and—ISRAEL.This will be accomplished to re-elect Obama. Of course the president now has the power to SUSPEND ALL ELECTIONS…Did you know all phone calls and E-Mails are being tracked by the N.S.A? America’s secret technology is 25 years ahead of what the average citizen has seen. This means our government has computers 25 years more advanced than the average PC!
    INTERNMENT CAMPS THROUGHOUT THE U.S. ARE NOW BEING MANNED for CIVIL UNREST rapidly coming with the dollar is destroyed… If you’ve seen the LUNATIC RANTINGS of elected officials like Lieberman—MeCain—Lindsey Graham, then you know they represent Satan’s ONE WORLD ORDER. They want citizens arrested without do process of the law.
    All the VAST EMPIRES of today’s “LUKEWARM MINISTRIES” will be taken over by the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation. These “HYPOCRITE MINISTERS” should be “SOUNDING THE ALARM” instead of building vast empires for the Anti-Chrsit…

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! Wait and see what happens by the end of 2012…You will either serve the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or God Almighty! Your position in life or material possessions won’t save you from literal hell coming to America….


    GO TO;

    Rick Thorne

  2. Like a great number of Americans, Ron Paul is a conservative on economic and fiscal issues, is neutral on government’s authority to intervene in our social issues, and is a non-interventionist in foreign affairs.

    Ron Paul has been liberty’s best friend for decades. He has often been its only friend, at those moments when the passions of the day led others in Congress to trample on the Constitution that they swore an oath to defend.

    Ron Paul is the real deal. He is the only consistent defender of the Constitution. As he says, Freedom is Popular.

    Ron Paul is “non-interventionist…… not isolationist. There is a huge difference.

    Non-interventionism is not isolationism. It is allowing people to define their own lives and their own needs, free from interference from us. Self-determination is a good policy at home, as well as when dealing with our neighbors.

    Thomas Jefferson’s statements mirror Congressman Ron Paul’s foreign policy…… “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none” — THOMAS JEFFERSON

    James Madison’s writings agree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy…… “War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.” — JAMES MADISON

    “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare” — JAMES MADISON

    George Washington’s statements also reflect Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s foreign policy…… It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world. The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop. — GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address to the People of the United States —-

    Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. — GEORGE WASHINGTON

    A policy of non-interventionism, non-interference, non-appeasement, non-aggression… but positive engagement, friendship and trade with all nations…. is the best foreign policy of all.

    A policy of pre-emptive war, starting military actions with nations that have not attacked us, is not good foreign policy.

    Using NATO as an instrument of aggressive military action against a nation that has not attacked a NATO signatory nation, is a violation of the NATO Charter, and is not good foreign policy.

    Affecting regime change of popularly elected foreign governments creates enemies, and is not good foreign policy.

    CIA’s Bin Laden Chief Michael Scheuer defends Ron Paul’s foreign policy statements. He also comments that: We were attacked because of our government’s foreign policy actions…

    Going to war without the approval of Congress is definitely not good foreign policy, in fact it is unconstitutional. Continuing this practice… the failure of Congress to assert their assigned authority… does not make it any more constitutionally correct.

    Military action that protects our borders, or wars conducted to stop an aggressor government from further injuring our people, are a different matter entirely, and are certainly justified if constitutionally prosecuted.

    The list of poor foreign policies… both overt and covert… that have now become standard operation procedure, is long and has been escalating for years.

    Quite often, the only ones that benefit from “aggressive” policies, are the “military industrial complex” that Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address… the “multi-lettered government agencies” that finance many of the covert operations… financiers of military suppliers… and the politicians that use fear as a tool to gain political advantage or personal power.

    The citizen does not benefit, they pay the cost in treasure, and in their loss of personal freedoms, as their fear of the unknown threat causes them to seek safety for themselves or their families.

    The soldier does not benefit, they pay the ultimate price, their lives, under the guise of patriotism and protecting the country.

    When I took my oath upon entering the service, it was to support and defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. The Country is the Constitution. If we do not adhere to the Constitution at all times, we are not defending our Country, and we are dishonoring not only our own oath, but that of all that have gone before us. If we do not pass down the freedoms that were so hard won, unmolested by political opportunists, then we have not fulfilled our duty.

    Yes, I am a veteran, as was my father before me, and my uncles, and my cousins, and my brother, and now my grandson. I took my oath literally then, and I still do today. I sincerely wish that all of Congress did as well, and respected the limited powers conferred upon them by that founding instrument, and the responsibilities placed upon them by our Bill of Rights, to allow the citizens of this great nation to set their own course, to guide their own destinies, and to raise their families without the “guidance” of an ever-larger, ever-more-intrusive, ever-more-expensive federal government, that feels they have to dictate every last facet of their citizens daily lives.

    Protection of personal freedoms and fidelity to the Constitution, that should be both the motto and the model for every government official, not just some words that are spoken at their swearing-in ceremony.

  3. Jerry, self-reliance is exactly what the founders believed in especially when it came to ones own protection.

    The second amendment was not written to make sure we could hunt squirrel. Self-reliance is the difference between a subject and a citizen. Just ask the German people.

    In 1932-33 they had elections. Adolf became chancellor on January 20 of 33.

    They elected a government that would fix everything for them, a government they could be dependent on especially for their security.

    In 1936 they lost their means of self defense.

    The result? By 1945 over 50 million people had died because a duly elected party had taken a people who were no longer self reliant and made them subjects.

    Self reliance is the spirit of of founders and every truly free person. Those who depend on others, especially their government for protection, provision, and purpose become slaves.

    • sorry, Linus I live in the US and there are two major parties, if one thies to take control by restricting voter rights…..worry.

  4. Merlin, you are an enemy to all the founders believed in and fought for, with perhaps the exception of big central government Hamilton.

    You have been fooled by the MIC and Globalist movement.

    Please do not try and claim you believe in our founding. Your statements demonstrate you are totally ignorant of those principles.

    John Bolton!? He was what our founders warned us of.

  5. And the more I listen to the Rock River Patriot blogs the less respect I have for them.. Support Ron Paul who says we should basically sit down and have tea and cookies with Iran.? How about sending Iran a nice Christmas card Paul??? I have much more respect for John Bolton than I will ever have for Paul. We have attended several Rock River Patriot meetings and found them very interesting–most all of their issues. we support–but when we started talking about bagging rice and acquiring AK-47’s etc I said this is enough of this nonsense. None of the candidates for the Republican nominations are perfect–and I must admit–I am undecided–except for one–it won’t be Ron Paul–give me a break!!

    • Thanks for the comment Merlin…You don’t have to agree with everything we say. However, I also think in the wake of all that is going on around us, you should be skeptical about what our gov’t tells us. Many in BOTH parties are war mongers and that is dangerous. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. Do I think Iran has a lot of “nuts”? Of Course. But what we can do about it is a different matter.

      However, these neocons want to start another war with Iran sending our brave men and women into harms way. Do we know Who is pulling the strings behind Iran? Russia and/or China maybe? Considering that we have a huge national debt, and no money to pay for anything…Should we borrow more money from China to fight a war with Iran who is being backed up secretly by China? AND 10 YRS AFTER 9/11, WE STILL HAVE UNSECURE BORDERS.

      On the emergency preparedness side…People were asking about and seeking information on that topic, so we gave it to them. Part of what it means to be a constitutional conservative, in my opinion, is for people to be self reliant. We pointed them in the right direction.

      • Self reliance is a bunch of aging baby boomers with AK-47’s? Now that is a terrifying thought. Stick to voting and leave policing and war to those that know which end of weapon the bullet comes out. If you are right and in the majority your views will prevail. If not, elections come every two and four years.

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