Senator Lasee Urges Walker Administration To Return Obamacare Funds

Attached is the press release from Senator Frank Lasee asking the Walker Administration to send back the $49 million in Obamacare grant money that was to be used to set up insurance exchanges.

Senator Frank Lasee Press Release – Release Obamacare Funds

We have said repeatedly that government “insurance exchanges” are a bad idea.  It IS government run healthcare, just at a different level.  They do nothing to fix the healthcare problems we face.  Instead, they just add another layer of bureaucracy. The best thing government can do is to repeal all the coverage mandates so consumers can tailor an insurance product that fits their individual situation.  Only consumer driven, market based approaches can solve the insurance problem.

The states need to WAKE UP to the fact that anytime the FEDS dangle money out there for some project, that it is somehow “free” money.  That is money taken from someone who actually earned it.  As long as states accept this money, they are bound to the conditions imposed by the FEDS giving up their autonomy and sovereignty in the process.

Governor Walker…SEND THE MONEY BACK!!!

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