The Security and Prosperity Partnership?

Below is a letter from one of our members on the current state of crisis and the SPP.  The video is included as part of the letter. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions.

Calling All Dems and Reps…

This is a timely find I came across while many of us are working (or wondering) on one crisis or another in the US today.  Please ‘think’ the relevance to the mortgage crisis, the jobs crisis, the US border crisis, Agenda 21, NAFTA, the currency crisis…all current crisis.  They all have one thing in common….a common goal and they are ALL connected.

I know I’ve sent out info on this subject before (to most of you) but I could never find any MSM reports on the SPP until now to substantiate ‘some’ in the  MS media are ‘aware’ but is hazardous to their careers if they are not part of the program.  I’ve shown you (some of you) docs and ‘connect the dots’ info but this video is brief, to the point…..priceless!

At 2 min 30 secs into the video, Lou Dobbs, then of CNN in 2005, explains ‘why’ our borders are wide open…..the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), the NAU, (North American Union) and the Amero (the proposed new dollar of many suggestions).

Do you know?  Did you know?  Did any American vote to surrender US Sovereignty?…give up the US Constitution?

This agenda has been 60 yrs in the making via the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations while you were sleeping….like the sloooow turning of a screw….like a 4000+ page health care bill you weren’t given time to read… don’t/didn’t notice it.

The US has been sold out for Globalism, the New World Order by Bush, Obama, Clinton and Bush Sr. via Executive Orders like this.  The intent is to destroy/replace the US Constitution with something similar to the EU.  Please read the communist manifesto and the UN Charter if you have not.  It is ‘ILLUMINATING’.

(PS…I had trouble with all the goofy symbolism 4 years ago but today it’s all over places like the new Denver airport.  It’s now becoming bold, brazen and mainstream.)

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