TEA Party / Patriot Lobby Day September 13th In Madison

September 13th is a BIG DAY!

The Wisconsin State Legislative Session begins…

 Please join members of the conservative grassroots from across the state in:

  • Welcoming all legislators back to session
  • Assuring them we’re minding business as it unfolds in our State Capitol
  • Encouraging them to stand on constitutional principle

Planned events

 9:00am to 10:45am, 2nd Floor Hearing Room, North Wing

 Initial gathering and opportunity to hear from state legislators who have a record of defending the principles of freedom:

  9:30am Assemblyman Evan Wynn (R, Dist 43)

 9:45am Assemblyman Dean Knudson (Dist 30)

10:00am            Senator Glenn Grothman (R, Dist 20)

10:15am            Senator Frank Lasee (R, Dist 1)

10:30am            Senator Pam Galloway (R, Dist 29)

 Other legislators may also join us and/or speak as they’re able.

 10:50am to 11:10am, Corridor outside 411 South

 Greet Republican senators as they head into caucus

 Without blocking the corridor, we’ll quietly and respectfully display patriotic signs and flags as Republican senators assemble for caucus.

We have a number of Gadsden flags we can share.  If you have other patriotic flags and signs, please feel free to bring them along.

Please make sure no signs or flags are on sticks or pickets, which are strictly forbidden in the Capitol Building. 

 11:30am to 1:30pm, Capitol Rotunda

 We’ll carry our flags and signs (again, no sticks or pickets!) into the ground and first floors of the rotunda to quietly and respectfully provide an encouraging and watchful presence.

 Ongoing throughout the day, Legislative Offices

 We strongly encourage you to visit your legislators’ offices while you’re in the Capitol in order to dialogue openly with them about:

  • Their priorities for this session
  • Your thoughts or concerns in relationship to those items
  • Your own values, legislative priorities, and expectations

To ensure an opportunity to speak directly with a legislator, it’s wise to call ahead and schedule an appointment.  However, if you’re not able to obtain an appointment, we recommend hand delivering a note and talking with the staffers.  Staffers are generally well-informed will convey your thoughts and messages to the legislators for whom they work.  You don’t have to beat around the bush, but please remember to remain always respectful, even if you disagree with your legislators on the issues.


 All are welcome.  Bring your friends, neighbors, family.  The more people the better  We look forward to seeing you there and adding to the strength of the conservative grassroots.


 When conservative voters show up at the Capitol, it speaks volumes and carries weight.  Don’t pass up a golden opportunity to show legislators you’re fully engaged.


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