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  1. First off, I am very impressed with your website, my dear colleagues!
    At this point in time, with everything going the way it is, I do believe that Ron Paul would be our best candidate followed by Michelle Bachman.
    However, as you are likely aware from my recent writings and from far past ones going back to 2005-2006 when I predicted that our economy would nearly totally collapse in Q4 of 2008 only saved by QEs – printing of money out of thin air only pushing out the collapse and making it worse when it does occur; based on my “The Matrix Economic Principle / Analogy” now employed by Von Misses to teach their students “Why The American Economy Doesn’t Exist” such as in The Liberty Tree Lantern article: The Sovereign Individual
    Our economy only exists in our imaginations which have been programmed to actually believe that a piece of paper and ink, called Federal Reserve NOTES, are worth 100 cents per denomination, when in the REAL world, outside of our collective programmed minds, they are only worth 2 – 3 cents at best. I do not believe that there is going to be another election, because I believe Uncle Ben has his whirlybirds flying all over seeding Wall Street and huge corporate cronies with all manner of secret QEs (wealth printed and digitized out of thin air), which will result in a VERY Short term employment boom BOOM! Which will set up our currency for a 72 hour hyperinflationary event that will make the Weimar Republic (leading to the Nazi Party) and Russia’s (leading to the U.S.S.R.) and Argentina’s massive collapse in the 2000s all look like a cake walk. All of this is going to happen over the next few months leading to an entire collapse of The Matrix prior to November of next year. So Martial Law will be declared, for the excuse to protect us, but it will really be to protect the members of Government, the Government and their POWER, and thus no elections. I wrote about all of this, including the near total collapse of the American economy (The Matrix) in Q4 of 2008, in 2005/2006 in numerous writings all over the Internet and later in my blog called The Liberty Tree Lantern.
    “The Matrix” (our economy solely based on THE NOTHING of I.O.U.s called NOTES as printed on every U.S. Dollar, “note”; which means the promise to pay with REAL money at some point in the future or upon redemption by the bearer, in this case a future that will never arrive) was created for one reason; CONTROL and to turn us into power and money generating machines for the exclusive use as slave generators for The Powers That Be. This all started with what I have coined the 1913 Trifecta of Tyranny:
    1. The ratification of the NON-ratified 16th Amendment. The deceitful excuse that the Federal Government uses to extract property from us despite the 1916 Supreme Court decision that clearly states that nobody is taxable after the 16th Amendment than whom was taxable before it. That the apportionment clause, for direct taxes, of The Constitution is still in full force and affect. Thus the Federal Governments use of our own property against us is absolutely illegal! Wages and salary are NOT Income. They are only an EQUAL EXCHANGE OF PROPERTY. I exchange my personal time, knowledge, education, skills, and/or strength for an equal exchange of property of another person or business. It is NOT Income, which is why the entire IRS code doesn’t define Income.
    2. The ratification of the NON-ratified 17th Amendment by the same disingenuous means.
    3. The completely constitutionally supercilious passage (see Article I Sections 8 and especially 10 reinforced specifically by the Supremacy clause of Article VI para. 2) of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

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