The Dictatorship Is Here

Below is a letter from one of our members on the Debt Ceiling Bill.  Very thought provoking…Remember the establishment Republicans lecturing the TEA Party, telling us that this was the best we could expect to get with a divided federal government?  We got a lot more than that with this bill.

The Dictatorship Is Here.

Not only have the federal elections last year proven to mean nothing, we are in fact about to have the most sweeping unconstitutional change to our system of government take place shortly.

They, under the guise of the debt debate, have just created what amounts to, a ruling Politburo that will work directly with the President. Congress has just been relegated to a subordinate role to the new “SUPER CONGRESS” that will work directly with POTUS.

Yes, the Republicans have just sold this country out, big time. This SUPER CONGRESS will have substantial powers that will in effect, allow the establishment Republicans and Democrats, to have total control of the process in Washington. Take that Tea Party! Take that all of you Patriots! How dare you Tea Party Patriots disrupt our agenda to create a regionalized Global Government with your silly elections last Fall. We will make certain that you never, regardless of your vote, have that type of influence on the process again.

This is one of the most serious threats to our Republic in our history. We now have the ruling elite in total control of the legislative process. You see, America saw “gridlock” on capitol hill. We saw how “difficult” the process is. In the face of a “serious crisis” (the debt ceiling) there was wrangling and bickering instead of agreement. Isn’t that what we continually heard!? That Americans were frustrated with the process? Well folks, this was NOT a crisis. Making it tough to pass big things quickly was the way our founders PURPOSELY DESIGNED the system.

Yet they have used that argument and the phony negotiations to accomplish something absolutely extraordinary in America’s history. A SUPER CONGRESS with the power to control the substance of policy and the process by which it is passed in to law.

Now we know what was behind this crisis. IT WAS NOT ABOUT FIXING SPENDING OR CUTTING IT! Why can that be said? Because ZERO spending has been cut. Zero. The only thing accomplished on that end was we will now reduce the amount of INCREASE over the next ten years. Instead of increasing spending by 10 trillion we will now only increase it by 9 trillion.

Instead of dealing with the debt crisis by reducing the debt we just, in effect, extended the debt limit by 2.4 trillion! That is reducing the debt!? Increase spending by 9 trillion and increase the debt limit by 2.4 trillion!? That is dealing with the crisis? Only in Washington speak does that make sense.

What does make sense is that the establishment Republicans and Democrats were able to create this SUPER CONGRESS which is totally unconstitutional and is the beginning of what will soon be an old Soviet style Politburo under the direction of a POTUS with extraordinary new powers.

Very serious days in which we live folks. May all of our fellow Patriots and Countrymen hear this call.

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