Unmanned Drones Being Tested Over Texas / Micro Air Vehicles

Arlington PD Testing Unmanned Aircraft

If this doesn’t make you concerned over the emerging police/surveillance state…How about this:

Micro Air Vehicles and Bugbots

This IS a big deal.  “1984” is here.

On the argument: “If you are not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?”

What happens when the very speech you use is considered to be “extremist” by BIG GOVERNMENT?  You become the target.  It could happen and it is happening with the gradual move from calling people “terrorists” to “extremists”.  This is deliberate.

Will you be the target because of your Constitutional views, Christian beliefs, or anti-BIG GOVERNMENT stance are now considered “extreme”? I contend that this is already happening.  With despots in power already, the use of our military all over the world without Congressional approval by BO, and the constant attack on traditional Judeo-Christian values, is it really too hard to imagine where this is all heading?

The only solution (God willing) is to return to Constitutional Principles and adhere to the Constitution.

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