The Budget Repair Bill and Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Judge Sumi’s ruling on the collective bargaining law.

Dane County Liberal Activist Judge Maryann Sumi Usurped The Power Of The Legislature Say Justices

The Wisconsin State Senate passed SB-93 – Concealed Carry in a 25-8 vote.

While it is not Constitutional Carry like we want, it is a step in the right direction.  Thank your Senator if he/she voted in favor of this bill.  Tell them we will continue to push for Constitutional Carry, but appreciate the big step forward that they took.

Our focus now moves to the Assembly.  Contact your Assembly representatives and tell them to pass SB-93 as is with no further restrictions on your natural right to keep and bear arms.  This bill is already a significant compromise from Constitutional Carry.

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