Fort Atkinson School District – Free Breakfast And Lunch For Summer School?

Below is an email from the Fort Atkinson School District inquiring if the district should take a grant for “FREE” breakfast and lunch during summer school.  Following is a response from a concerned taxpayer in the Fort Atkinson School District.  I have a call in to the “Nutrition Director” to see where exactly the grant is coming from.

Update: The “Nutrition Director” told me the grant is called: The Simplified Summer Food Service Program for Children .  Here is the link:

I don’t think anyone should be getting “free” lunch.  Nothing is “FREE” and there are always strings attached.  Many of those taking advantage of the free/reduced lunch services are illegal immigrants and/or their children.  Is it any wonder that we have an illegal immigration problem when more and more services like these are offered?

This goes to the premise of free/reduced lunch in the first place.  Are people just taking advantage of the system because it is there?  I once heard a person comment on this type of behavior saying, “When you put out the ice cream, the ants will come.”  The more “freebies” a community offers, the more people move there to take advantage of the “freebies”.

If parents are not feeding their kids, what is the reason besides “gaming” the system (which should not be overlooked)? Do they have misplaced priorities like getting the latest and greatest cell phone/gadget over food to feed their kids? If they are deadbeats, then do we need to investigate child abuse? If the parents are out of work or have no money, why are they not going to the local food pantry?  These are all questions that need to be asked and answered.

If you live in the Fort Atkinson School District, tell them “NO” on this program.  If you are outside this district, contact your local district to see if they are implementing a program like this.

Remember, once a program is implemented, it is “hell and high water” to get rid of it.  Furthermore, with reductions in aide, rest assured that sometime down the road this “free” program will have a direct cost to property taxpayers.

Fort Schools FREE Summer School Breakfast and Lunch

Response to Fort Schools Free Summer School Breakfast and Lunch

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