April 15th Patriot Lobby Day In Madison


We know there is a TEA Party on Saturday April 16th, and encourage your attendance.  HOWEVER…

If you have not marked your calendar already for Tax Day Friday April 15th, we encourage you to do so.  The Rock River Patriots, in cooperation with other TEA Party/Patriot Groups, are having a Patriot Lobby Day at the Capitol.  This is a great time to meet your legislator and/or legislative aides, and introduce yourselves.

The two key issues on our agenda are Comprehensive Voting Reform and Constitutional Carry.

We will be having several seminars / presentations that will be repeated throughout the day.  The seminars / presentations will include showings of The Cartel, a seminar on The 2nd Amendment, Globalism and the NWO, and Sustainable Development/Agenda 21, and on our two key issues.  We will also have educational materials available for you to take and distribute.

The meetings / seminars start at 9am, 10:30am, and 1pm respectively in the following rooms:

Room 425 Southwest – The morning seminars will briefly cover voting reform and constitutional carry.  Educational materials will be available.  At 1:00pm Nik Clark from Wisconsin Carry, Inc. will talk specifically on the 2nd Amendment.

Room 411 South – The movie “The Cartel” will be shown and repeated.  This is a documentary about public education.

Room 417 North – Marv Munyon will be speaking about Globalism.

Room 225 Northwest – Nate Friedl will speak on Sustainable Development / UN Agenda 21.


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