NC Man Convicted Of Making And Selling His Own Silver Coins

Here are the links: Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency, Liberty Dollar creator convicted in federal court

The Feds have called this an act of “domestic terrorism”.  This is outrageous! The man involved minted silver coins calling them “Liberty Dollars” as a hedge against inflation and a medium of exchange for people to use to buy or sell goods and services.  This was a  true form of exchange that would not lose its value like Federal Reserve Notes.

A possible case could be made for counterfeiting because he made the coins too similar government minted coins, but DOMESTIC TERRORISM?  This again proves we have out of control federal government!

On the idea of silver coins as a medium of exchange…In any deal both sides of the transaction know what the medium of exchange is and must agree.  If either the buyer or seller do not agree, then there is no sale.  Any number of things could be used as a medium of exchange from beans to band aides to a person’s manual labor.  As long as there is agreement on both sides of the transaction, the medium of exchange could be almost anything.

Who is the victim in this case?  It seems to me we all are…The Federal Reserve is stealing from the people by causing inflation (printing more money).  The dollar will soon be dumped as the world reserve currency, and we will see even greater price inflation.  This is a shame.

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