Patriots…Call Madison Tuesday February 1st

Dear Wisconsin Patroit,
The Wisconsin State Assembly leaders are dragging their feet regarding election reform because they are waiting for comprehensive legislation to be written. Other reforms are certainly necessary, but they cannot implement everything in time for the state Supreme Court election in April; so they should pass the first bill which includes photo ID by then.  Comprehensive reform can be passed in two stages.  The Senate did their part by conducting a public hearing last week.  Now we need the Assembly to do the same.  They should hear from everybody and their brothers tomorrow.
So leaders, please pass the massage to your mailing lists.
For leaders and everyone else, please make three calls:
Call your Assembly Representative
Call Committee Chairman, Rep. Gary Tauchen -1-608-266-3097
Call Assembly Leader, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald -1-608-266-2540
The message:  Schedule an assembly hearing ASAP in February on whatever election reform they think they can pass in time for the April 5th election for the following reasons(please state all three as we need a consistent message):
1. Without photo ID this April, the other side will be able to distort the State Supreme Court race with fewer fraudulent votes because of the low turnout.
2. The clerks and voting precincts need to test this during a low-turnout election.
3. The other side may get a court injunction to stall the new law for this election cycle.  If so, it is better to force that confrontation now than to allow them to stall it though courts until just before the 2012 election.
Do not retreat when you hear their rationalizations on “injunctive relief”.  Reiterate these three points.
Tomorrow, February 1st is  the “day of action”.  However, if you cannot get through then, please continue throughout this week until you do.

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