Rock River Patriots Response To Mark Belling’s LIES Part 2

from BELLING, MARK C. <>

to Rock River Patriots <>

date Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 1:54 PM

subject RE: Rock River Patriots Response To Mark Belling’s LIE about us


Did your group comment on Ron Johnson or not? My point is that nobody should speak for the “Tea Party” and organized groups with leaders is anathema to the movement. It is my contention your group should offer no comments on anything but should merely be a forum for citizens to express their own grievances. It is remarkably arrogant for one group to attempt to co-op a movement, particularly when that group appears to be very liberal on a number of issues, including the war on terrorism. Most tea party attendees support the anti-terror effort, the Patriot Act and strongly defend Israel.

from Rock River Patriots <>

date Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 7:37 AM

subject Re: Rock River Patriots Response To Mark Belling’s LIE about us



You are not addressing the reason for the email in the first place. You LIED about our group saying we “are trying to speak for the whole movement” and “running around trying to endorse candidates and pass judgement.” I will ask you again to correct these LIES. I already included the link to the Wisconsin State Journal article in which we are quoted stating that we do not endorse candidates. I have already stated we only speak for the Rock River Patriots, not the other groups.

Now let me address your other concerns.

On Ron Johnson…We had a candidate forum with Ron much like we have with many other candidates. We were especially interested since Ron came out of no where to receive the Republican Party endorsement. Almost no one had even heard he was a candidate and now he had the state GOP endorsement. We asked some fundamental constitutional questions that are very important and relevant to being a U.S. Senator. After the session, many of us were not satisfied with many of the responses offered. I was asked what OUR group thought of the session, and responded. Here is the link to our site that contains the Milwaukee Journal story link and our response:

The whole reason the Rock River Patriots joined together is because both parties were not doing their job representing “We The People”. Many people in other TEA Party groups have told me the same thing. Government has grown as much under Republicans as it has under Democrats. When government grows, our freedom shrinks and vice versa. We have been tired of voting for the lesser of two “evils”. Maybe what you really want to say is “only be critical of the other guy?” You have always been critical of both conservatives and liberals in the past, so this is a little surprising.

Is it really “arrogant” for a group of people to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, band together, and speak out about: holding our elected officials accountable? following the Constitution? the unsustainable path our country is on?

We should “offer no comments on anything, but should merely be a forum for citizens to express their own grievances?” This is a huge contradiction! We are the forum that members of our group use to express their grievences. With that in mind, waving signs is just one aspect of what we do. The other aspect is to do something about it.

Finally, you want to claim we are “liberal” on a number of issues including the war on terrorism. You also mention the Patriot Act, and defending Israel. I don’t think we have ever commented on Israel at all. Israel has a right to exist, defend itself, and we should support them in their efforts.

That brings us to you calling us “liberal” because of our opposition to the Patriot Act and of our skepticism regarding the war on terror. Let me ask you this: Do you believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document? Do you believe we should follow the Constitution at all? Based on your past commentary, I assume that you take an originalist position meaning we should interpret the Constitution is as it is written. The fundamental problem with the growth of the federal government is that much of it is unconstitutional. We need to educate people about that. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution enumerates these powers.

The Patriot Act is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Warrant-less searches and indefinite detention of Americans if they are labeled a terror suspect? Where is the opportunity for due process if everything is secret? The government has already started to play with the definition of who is a terrorist. Read the Missouri Intelligence Analysis Center (MIAC) report that lists returning war veterans, Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party and Pro-2nd Amendment groups specifically as possible domestic terrorists. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox news has talked at length about how the Patriot Act is a violation of our rights.

Regarding the war on terror…I think you are stating the Republican Party position, not necessarily the thoughts of TEA Party groups. Many of us are skeptical when we have virtually open borders, but yet are defending the borders in other countries. How is that protecting us? It is estimated approximately 3% of the people (that we know of) entering the U.S. through the southern border are labeled as being “other than Mexican.” It has been documented that many of these people are from terror sponsoring countries. This has happened under both the Bush and Obama. We have two wars with undefined missions, and no end in sight. Our country is bankrupt, and were are fighting for people who hate us. It makes no sense.

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