Wisconsin Legislators Ask MATC Board to Back Off

If you haven’t signed the petition to the MATC District Board regarding their recent Arizona Boycott Resolution, go to www.weresorryarizona.com.

Grothman Thanks Ozaukee County Board for Their Resolution

Apologizing to the People of Arizona for the Actions of MATC

Today Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) announced that 23 legislators signed a joint letter asking the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board to rescind their decision to boycott Arizona.

“I was pleasantly surprised that in the middle of an election season when most legislators are not in Madison, so many of my colleagues took the time to make it clear that they want the MATC Board to remove the black eye they have given to the State of Wisconsin,” said Grothman. “The idea that MATC would rather purchase products made in China, Mexico, or other foreign countries than products made by fellow Americans is shocking beyond belief.”

Grothman also took time to thank the Ozaukee County Board for their overwhelming vote in sending the message to the people of Arizona that the unelected members of the MATC Board do not represent the opinions of their county.

“Representing Ozaukee County, I can assure the people of Arizona that their residents wish nothing but the best for the people of Arizona,” said Grothman. “I hope the people of Arizona realize the vast majority of Wisconsinites are not supportive of ridiculous boycotts that the appointed board members of MATC are trying to instigate.”

The rash action by the MATC Board could also encourage retaliation from people in Arizona—the exact thing the Founding Fathers were trying to prevent when they included the Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution. “I can’t believe that at a time when Milwaukee is experiencing the highest level of unemployment in years, some people think this is the time to try to get people thrown out of their jobs,” said Grothman.

“I would welcome any other statements by public officials or individual citizens making it clear to the citizens of Arizona that the intolerance of the MATC Board does not extend to the average person on the street or family in Wisconsin,” said Grothman.

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