The Sheperd Express Weighs In On The TEA Party Movement

Here is a new article by Lisa Kaiser from the Sheperd Express on TEA Party movement in Wisconsin.

Will Wisconsin Join the Tea Party

One issue that many of the analysts seem to miss is that more people have a favorable opinion of the TEA Party / Patriot Movement than either political party.  I believe this is because each of the TEA Party / Patriot Groups take an unwavering stand for their beliefs and are not afraid to defend them.  People are tired of the same old wishy-washy politicians who take a soft position on an issue so they can essentially flip-flop without getting labeled a “flip-flopper” or politicians who say anything to get elected.  We want principled leaders who take a stand and follow the Constitution.  Being a leader means stepping out in front of the crowd and “blazing the trail” guided by the Constitution and principles, not organizing a focus group to determine what those principles need to be!

If we remain steadfast to our principles and educate others along the way, we will have a significant impact on our country.  If we compromise our principles “to get along” or “be liked by the media”, then we will have become the very thing we are fighting against in the first place.

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