Ron Johnson Postpones Tea Party Sessions

Our vetting session was written about in the latest Milwaukee Journal newspaper.  Here is the link to the story:

Ron Johnson postpones tea party sessions

I think it is important to comment on several issues.  We are quoted in the story as being “constitutional purists”.  That means we want the government to follow the Constitution.  The Founding Fathers witnessed government tyranny firsthand, and devised a way to prevent it from happening again.  One of the reasons our country is in the shape it is in, is because our elected officials do not know or follow the Constitution.

Many people complain about massive federal government spending and debt.  What they fail to realize is that most of these agencies with these huge budgets are unconstitutional.  They are better handled at the state or local level!

We are also quoted in the story stating we want more detail on issues.  That comment was in part because we had a lot more questions to ask, understanding the Johnson campaign has only a limited amount of time.  However, specific answers are important.  All too often we hear politicians speak in generalities so they are not “pinned down” on any particular issue.

We understand that no one knows everything, and there is no perfect candidate.  However, it is important for our elected officials to understand the Constitution.  How can they keep their oath of office, if they don’t know what they are swearing to uphold?

Finally, it is important for true constitutional conservatives to find the best candidate in accordance with our principles.  We are not “in the bag” for anyone.  Ron Johnson is a nice guy, and we appreciate his participation in our forum.  However, we cannot “pull the punches” just because Ron has the Republican Party Endorsement.

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