Rock River Patriots Meeting Friday June 25th – Welcoming Arizona Minuteman Gary Mienert

The Rock River Patriots will be having a meeting on Friday June 25th at 6pm at Kendall Packaging in Jefferson.  At this meeting we will hear a firsthand account of the situation on the border by Arizona Minutemen Gary Mienert.

Here is a picture of Gary Mienert (on the right) with Sheriff Joe Arpaio (center).

Gary Meinert’s Bio:

Gary Meinert, a native of Wisconsin, lives four months a year in his log cabin with his wife, Karlyn, on Boulder Lake in Vilas County. The other eight months is spent in Green Valley, AZ which is located almost half way between Tucson and Nogales. Living only 36 miles from the border he has had the unique opportunity to view first hand, what is now called, a major crisis.

For five years he has photographed and documented the illegal activities of the Mexican cartels and their drug and human trafficking. To obtain this information he travels the 1100 square miles of the beautiful, but often, inhospitable Sonoran desert, almost always off trails.

He serves on the Citizens Advisory Board of the Nogales Border Patrol Station, the largest in the country. He has developed a mutual trust and respect with many officials. Those include the ranking officers of the Border Patrol, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his Chief Brian Sands and deputies of the various County Sheriff’s Departments. He recently had the opportunity to sit with Governor Brewer for 30 minutes and discuss the SB1070 bill and its affect on Arizona.

He and his colleague Don Severe, have given slide presentations to dozens of organizations in several states, have been guests on many radio talk shows, and are used as source material for magazines, news papers and one TV Documentary. They have also briefed U.S. Congressmen on the border crisis.

Their goal is to share their experiences, photographs and facts with interested citizens. Their goal is to provide accurate information so citizens can make up their own minds regarding the subject. Their motto is: “Informed citizens make informed decisions”

They don’t charge for these services and will not accept donations.

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