Another Marxist Takeover?

Here is another reason to fear Big Government.

Lieberman Bill Gives Feds ‘Emergency’ Powers to Secure Civilian Nets

As this article points out, this bill grants unprecedented power to the government over private businesses in a “cyber-emergency.”  With the federal government defining what the emergency is, we need to be scared and stand up against this bill and/or any bill similar to it.

Can we really trust them?  Look at all the things that the federal government can’t do right, like securing our borders.  And we should trust them because they want to “help” us?


This originates in the Communist Manifesto and it is all about CONTROL.

Two of the ten major “pillars” are accomplished with legislation of this type: Government Control of Communications and Government Control of Labor.  All that is needed is a government-defined “emergency” and these powers will go into effect.

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