Mexican President Urges Assault Weapons Ban Be Reinstated In U.S.

Here is the start of the push for more anti-gun legislation.    A Mexican President is calling for the U.S. to reinstate the assault weapons ban in an address to Congress?  AMAZING!!!

Interesting….With the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004 , using leftist anti-gun logic, we should expect that the crime rate is increasing as more guns are out on the street.  I’m glad that is not any sort of logic I am used to.  In fact, as more guns are being sold, fewer crimes are being committed.  Here is the link:  More Guns Being Sold, And Fewer Crimes Committed

I guess even the liberals have realized that they can’t win the argument by citing the U.S.  crime statistics because the facts are overwhelmingly against their position.

So what will they do now?  They really want to ban guns and make people dependent on government.  They want to bring about a globalist government.  They want to have all the power and control.  They want the State to replace God…How can they do it?

Well…It seems the liberal argument has now shifted from “guns are causing crime in the United States” to “guns from the United States are causing crime in Mexico.”  How Absurd!!! As absurd as it is, they are still going to try and sell it to us.

Given that the Mexican government is corrupt to the core, nothing they say can be trusted.  However, let’s just PRETEND that guns from the U.S. are crossing the border into Mexico.  I guess that means we should seal the border, right? Then no guns could be taken back into Mexico.  In the real world,  that would be the answer if you really wanted to solve the PRETEND problem.

Since we all know that this is not a real problem, where are they going with this?  It is the start of a major effort to disarm law abiding American citizens.  Only after we are disarmed can the real tyranny begin!

To quote the late Charlton Heston, “From my cold dead hands!”

Here is Alex Jones’ rant about this:

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