Interesting New Information About The Militia Raid In Michigan

This is very interesting…And scary.  The Hutaree militia from Michigan sound like they may be a bunch of “nuts” that should be watched, but there is one problem.  It seems like the only thing they did is “talk” about killing police.  It appears there was no move to actually do anything, be it planning or training for an such an event, based on the information that has been released.

Why is this so bad?  These nine are still being held in custody without bail for what appears to be a “thought crime”.  This is a step we cannot afford to take, no matter how we feel about what they said.  The Constitution still applies.    If they have more evidence, I would like to see it.  Read the stories linked below and make your own determination.  It seems as though even the judge is not convinced.  And why would the Feds teach these guys how to make bombs if they were concerned about what they might do?

The Department of Homeland Security has already labeled Ron Paul supporters, those belonging to 2nd Amendment groups, returning military veterans, and TEA Party participants as possible domestic terrorists.  If this case proves to be as it looks on the surface, we all have to wonder which group will be the next “seditious conspiracy”.  The TEA Party / Patriot Groups all talk about the need to take back our government.  Are we “seditious conspirators?”

Associated Press: Judge to Hutaree prosecutor: Show militia members did more than talk

Feds tell judge she’s misreading militia case

Judge questions Hutaree evidence

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