Why Was Charles Darwin Wrong?


(Whitewater) – Dr. John Baumgardner, Ph.D. in geophysics, for many years a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, will be speaking on the UW-Whitewater campus in Hyland Hall, Room 1000, on Thursday, April 15th at 3:00 p.m.

Dr. Baumgardner’s subject will be, “Why Darwin Was Wrong.” Charles Darwin was certainly one of the most influential people of our world over the past few hundred years. Darwin’s diligence in the search for truth is appreciated. However, with the knowledge that we have today, knowledge which he did not have, we see that almost all of his ideas were wrong. Dr. Baumgardner will explain why Darwin was wrong about the complexity of life, the fossil record, the extrapolation from molecules to man, and how gradualism applies to geology.  According to Dr. Baumgardner, “evolutionists do not have a viable mechanism for macroevolution at any stage, whether we’re talking about the origin of a first living cell or the origin of new structures in existing organisms. Natural selection and mutation alone are pitifully inadequate to account for what we see, especially with our current understanding of molecular biology.”

Here is a listing of events at other venues with Dr. Baumgardener:

Dr. John Baumgardener Speaking Events

Dr. Baumgardner received his M.S. & Ph.D. in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA and his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. In addition to working at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he has held positions at Logos Research Associates, Rockwell International, and the Air Force Weapons Laboratory.

Dr. Baumgardner was responsible for the design of optics for the Airborne Laser Laboratory. Additionally, he also developed the 3-D spherical code, TERRA for modeling the dynamics of planetary mantles and worked with modeling fluid flow to develop the next-generation weather forecast model named GME which is used in more than 20 countries. During his scientific career, he has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles.

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