Don’t Forget – April 15th TEA Party in Madison!

State Capitol,  Madison

Thursday, April 15

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

The Rock River Patriots still have seats available on the bus to the Madison TEA Party leaving the K-Mart lot in Fort Atkinson at 8:30 am.   The Bus will leave Madison heading back to Fort Atkinson around 3:30 pm.  This will give people ample time to eat, visit their legislators, and/or sit in on the legislative session.  The cost per person is $10.

It is our understanding that the legislators will be in session regarding SB640 and AB895.  They are trying to slip this bill in under the radar.  This bill will make voter fraud even worse, and could lead to the stealing of elections.

See the information from the Northwoods Patriots: Protest Scheduled April 13th

I encourage everyone to make a sign (no sticks in the building for security) to hold up after the main event in the gallery while they debate this bill.  Let’s make it clear, we don’t want this bill passed.

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