Scott Brown Victory In Massachusetts Is A Victory For America

Scott Brown has won the election in Massachusetts for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the passing of Teddy Kennedy.  This is not just a victory for the people of Massachusetts, but also for all America.  If Scott Brown can prevent this terrible healthcare bill from being passed, we will all benefit!

This is all because of the movement of  the Patriot and TEA Party Groups.  We are a force to be reckoned with and make a difference.  In an attempt to minimize our power, we have been called “Astroturf” and “tea-baggers”.  It hasn’t worked!

Make no mistake about it…This is only the first victory in the war to take back our country.  We must continue to be vigilant.  We must hold the elected accountable.  We must continue to educate.  We must develop and “vet” candidates.  Our work is far from over!

Based on recent polling data, Americans view us, the Patriots and TEA Party Groups, more favorable than either political party.  This is a testament to who we are.  We are not Ivy League elitists.  We are honest hard-working Americans.  We will not be taken for granted by ANY political party!

Let this be an encouraging moment.  We can and will take back Wisconsin and America!

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