January Candidate Forums

Happy New Year!  Let’s all pray this is the year we take back our country from the Marxists, Socialists, and Liberals!

The Rock River Patriots will be having our first series of conservative candidate forums January 8th and 22nd at 6pm at Kendall Packaging in Jefferson. Kendall Packaging is located at 707 N. Parkway Street.

The candidates running against Russ Feingold will be attending the January 8th forum. As of now, Dave Westlake (Republican) and Rob Taylor (Constitution Party) will be attending.

The candidates running for Tammy Baldwin’s seat will be attending the January 22nd forum. As of now, Tim Nerenz (Libertarian) and Peter Theron (Republican) will be attending.

We will have candidates running for local races at each date as well including Rick Richard running for State Senate – District 15, and Vicki Milbrath running for State Assembly – District 37.

We want to have ample time to question each candidate. Think of any questions you would like to ask and bring them with you. We will try to have an open question and answer session also.

The format will be as follows:

Each candidate will be allowed to give an opening statement around 5 minutes long explaining their philosophy.  Then each candidate will be asked questions with a 3-5 minute time limit for an answer.  The questions will NOT be available in advance. We want to get “real” answers, not memorized “talking points”.   For the offices with multiple candidates, the same question will be asked of each candidate. The order will be random.  At the end of the “formal” questions, follow-up questions may be asked.

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