Time To Pull Out Of The UN – Our 2nd Amendment In Danger

This is why we need to be vigilant and not allow the globalists to be in power.  We should pull out of the UN and send them all packing out of New York City.  This is their anti-gun agenda:

Don’t allow the Senate to ratify any UN gun treaty! Call and tell them “NO!”  If they violate our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, I predict that there will be civil war in America.  No freedom loving American will turn in their guns because of a UN Treaty.  As Charlton Heston said so gracefully, “From my cold, dead hands!”

Read this article: Chuck Baldwin — Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War? Tell me…Is all this is being planned in anticipation of the fact that Obama will sign on to a UN anti-gun treaty and it will be ratified by the Senate?  It makes me wonder considering all that this administration is doing already.

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