Wisconsin: “Micro-stamping” and “Lost or Stolen” Legislation To Be Heard in Committee Next Week!‏


Wisconsin: “Micro-stamping” and “Lost or Stolen” Legislation To Be Heard in Committee next Week!
Please Contact the Committee Members!

On Tuesday, December 1 at 11:00 A.M., the Wisconsin State Senate Judiciary Committee will consider two anti-gun bills, Senate Bill 174 and Senate Bill 367.  Both of these bills would infringe on rights of law-abiding gun owners and have no impact on crime.

SB 174 would require micro-stamping technology on all newly manufactured handguns sold in Wisconsin.  If passed, the bill would require newly sold handguns to micro-stamp a unique code onto the cartridge case upon firing.  This unproven technology will increase the cost of firearms, potentially putting them out of reach to some consumers. However, since no manufacturer currently sell a firearm capable of micro-stamping a cartridge case, it will effectively ban new handguns in Wisconsin. In addition, criminals could easily remove the microscopic codes from the firearm using using any number of commonly-owned household tools.  This dangerous legislation needs to be defeated.

SB 367 would require gun-owners to report lost or stolen firearms within a 48-hour period or face fines and possible imprisonment. If passed, this legislation could turn law-abiding gun owners –who have already been victimized by theft–into criminals  for failing to report the loss of theft of a firearm within the require timeframe.

Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee members listed below and respectfully urge them to vote NO on SB174 and SB367. Contact information can be found below.

Chairman Senator Lena Taylor (D-4)

(608) 266-5810


Vice-Chair Senator Jim Sullivan (D-5)

(608) 266-2512


Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-27)

(608) 266-6670


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