Navy SEALs Charged With Abusing Terrorist?

Ahmed Hisham Abed, a high level terrorist, was captured recently by a Navy SEAL Team.  Now three of the SEALs are being charged with abusing the terrorist because of statements made by the terrorist.  The SEALs charged are accused of punching him in the face and gut.  The terrorist’s injuries were “very severe”.  The injury he sustained… a BLOODY LIP!!!

We are charging America’s Best and Brightest with crimes when the only injury sustained is a bloody lip?  Even without having all the evidence, this is an OUTRAGE!!!  The people who recommended that these SEALs be charged should be fired!

Many have been critical of the rules of engagement that our troops are subjected to.  We cannot fight a politically correct war and expect to win.  We have allowed our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to  become impossible to win because of our own rules of engagement.

It is no wonder the incidents of suicide are up in our military.  These brave men and women are not allowed to do the job they were trained to do because they always have to wonder if they will be brought up on charges while still putting their own lives at risk.

This decision puts more of our troops in danger as it will be used as propaganda against us.  More terrorists will be recruited because of the charges.  Here is a link to the story: SEALs charged in alleged assault of detainee


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