Radical Environmentalism – The Religion Of The Left

The radical environmental movement has to be the religion of the Liberals, Socialists,and Marxists.  Where else would a group have blind faith in a theory that has been demonstrated to be wrong.  There has been no global temperature increases for the past 10 years while CO2 levels have been steadily increasing.

Now there is more quackery from the Climate Chief in Britian Lord Stern.  He believes that eating meat is a major cause of global warming because of animal flatulence.  The Methane contained in theses “farts” is “23 times more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse gas” says Lord Stern.  Amazing they can continue with this rhetoric.

From Times Online UK:

“Lord Stern, the author of the influential 2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming, said that a successful deal at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December would lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases.”

Here is the link to the full article : Lord Stern tells us to become vegetarians

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