A Change….To Communism?

Every day we see more of this “Change” the Obama administration is talking about.  I have been convinced for a long time this was never intended to be a change for the better, but a change to a totalitarian regime.

This administration is spending like a drunken sailor (no offense to Navy personnel) and continues to print money like crazy.  If this continues, the net result will be a dollar that is worthless.  With a totally worthless currency, there will be a push for a new more “stable” currency.  The idea has already been floated about a new world currency.  Who will hand out this new currency? The government of course.  They can choose who gets what and how much.

Then we have the attempts to control the health care system.  If they have their way, eventually they will control the care people receive.  As many have written, there will be two systems, a great one for the ruling elite and something miserable for the rest of us.  If you are a political opponent, I think you’d better stay away from the doctor’s office.  Who knows what will happen to you if you go.  And if there is malpractice?  Good luck at getting any compensation from the government.

The proposed cap and trade legislation, if passed, will push more and more jobs out of this country.  By pretending to solve a problem that does not exist, the government will steal more wealth from individuals and companies.  More people will be unemployed, and will become dependent on the government.

Now we come to all the “CZARS” that have been appointed by Obama.  I never thought I would see the day that in our own government we would have people called “czars”.  Does this Russian word for “Caesar”, a dictator, make you feel as uneasy as it does me?  We know several of them are admitted Marxists, and we know nothing about the rest.  They have been appointed without any Senate confirmation, by-passing the Constitution.

The Swine Flu was hyped by the media, but could be another manufactured crisis used by this administration to seize even more power.  There have been talks of massive quarantines, and mandatory vaccinations.  All of this when the symptoms are relatively mild.  In the 1970’s more people died as a result of the vaccinations for the Swine Flu than they did from the virus itself.  If the virus mutates, it MAY be worse, but scientists really don’t know for sure.

Finally, we come to the reason for this post.  There is a bill being proposed that would give Obama the ability to shut down the internet in the event of an “emergency”.   This administration already “owns” most of the mainstream news networks.  Now, shutting down the “new media”  is all that needed to prevent any opposition to the propaganda they spew.  They see us  organizing, using the internet, as a means of opposition.  So there is only one choice for them…to shut it down.

Here is the link to the story: Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet

I know this is not an exhaustive list.  We could talk about Obama’s ties to radicals like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, or Rashid Khalidi.  We could talk about his “Messiah” complex.  We could talk about taking over car companies.  We could talk about a lot more (including plans to ultimately take away people’s 2nd Amendment Rights)…but I’ll leave that for later.

What IS clear by all of this?  This Administration is seeking total control of every aspect of our lives.  This is Communism.

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