AB70 and SB44 – Tell Them To Vote NO!

From Wisconsin Gun Owners Website:

Ignoring the wishes of grassroots gun owners, and doing the bidding of Sarah Brady, State Rep. Scott Gunderson is still pushing AB70, the bill to expand the National Instant Check System (NICS) in Wisconsin.

Assembly Bill 70 and Senate Bill 44 would dangerously expand state-level back ground checks to include far-reach medical data.

All it takes is one anti-gun government mental health crony to declare you “adjudicated mentally defective” and you lose your guns.

Here is the Link:WGO regarding AB70 and SB44

This was my letter to the elected “representatives” proposing this bill and my representatives:

I am a Deputy Sheriff and have been so employed for the past 8.5 yrs.  Being a law enforcement officer and tactics instructor, I understand the INTENTIONS proposing these bills (AB70 / SB44) in light of the Virginia Tech Massacre.  The shooter was mentally disturbed, and was still able to purchase several guns.

HOWEVER, I am an American Patriot first and foremost.  These bills give the government too much power and access to records that must be kept private.  The potential for abuse far out weighs the need to protect the public interest.  While these incidents happen, they are not as frequent as they are portrayed.  I believe concealed carry is the solution.

As we see the push for GOV’T RUN HEALTHCARE by the Liberals, the GOV’T DOCTORS would be the ones making a determination of a person’s mental state.  Conservative minded people are already under assault on all fronts by the liberals, socialists, communists, and the mainstream media.  With the current Federal Gov’t power-grabs by the Obama Administration, is it really that unthinkable that their anti-gun agenda would now move further.  Labeling conservatives as Right-Wing Exemists and putting them on a terrorist watch list is the first step to labeling us “mentally defective”.  We COULD be the subject of an involuntary commitment. The GOV’T DOCTORS could do this with the stroke of a pen, taking away a person’s 2nd amendment rights.  Once they do that, it is all over.


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