Taxes on the Rise – Change We Can’t Afford

The budget for The School District of Fort Atkinson includes a tax levy increase of 4.85%.   While they don’t have the exact figures on how much it will affect homeowners, look for a tax increase.  Based on my current school district tax levy, a 4.85% increase will amount to a $122 per year tax increase.

Daily Union Story

The Jefferson County tax levy increase, even WITHOUT PASSING the referendum, is 8.41%.  Based on my current county taxes, a 8.41% increase will amount to a $108 per year tax increase.  If the referendum passes  (proposing a total tax increase of 16.56%),  my county taxes will increase over $213 per year.

Daily Union Story on County Budget

This is outrageous!  We spent 1 year contracting and building our home.  We literally put our blood, sweat, and tears into it.  We moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment during the building process.  There were sacrifices upon sacrifices to obtain a part of the American Dream.  Now, if this out of control taxation continues, we will be taxed out of the very home we built.

We need to take back our goverment!  This is change we can’t afford!

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